How It Works

Exclusive Reasons Training + Judging Webinars Details


  • Webinars & Practice Classes Available:
    • Week 1: June 15 -16 (Open @ 7 am CST)
    • Week 2: June 22-23 (Open @ 7 am CST)
    • Week 3: June 28-29 (Open @ 7 am CST)
  • Contest:
    • July 3rd






What Do You Need:

  • Each camper will need a laptop or desktop PC and high-speed internet access
  • PLEASE USE THE GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER for the webinars, practice classes, and contest


How To Log In to Webinars:

·        On the Judge 2 Win Camp homepage, you can click the login button in the top right, the camp tab in the header bar, or the "Join Camp Here" link on the homepage.

·        Once you are to the login screen you will log in with your email and camp code


How The Webinars Works:

·        Once logged in, you will be able to see all the camp sessions available at that date and time. Camp sessions will be released according to the schedule found below.

·        Once a session is released, it will stay up until the end of that week’s sessions, so if you cannot watch all the first weeks sessions on the first day, you will be able to see them until the end of the second day.


Camp Pre-Recorded Sessions:

·        Pre-recorded sessions will be released at the start of each weeks session at 7 am

·        To view the pre-recorded sessions just click join session next to the session name


Live Video Sessions:

·        There will be ONE LIVE VIDEO SESSION each week at 6 pm on the first day of camp that week. (June 15, 22, 28)

·        To view the live video sessions, please pay close attention to the information below:

·        For the live video sessions, you will be redirected to YouTube live from the J2W Camp webpage

·        To view the live sessions just click the join session button next to the session name

·        You do not have to have a YouTube account to view the live sessions

·        However, to chat with the camp instructors during the live video sessions, you will need a YouTube account or a Gmail email. Once you are on the live video session, just click "sign in to chat" on the right side of the screen

·        YouTube accounts are free to set up. If you do not have a YouTube or Google account, you can click the "sign in to chat" option on the right side of the screen, and it will give you the option to set up an account. You can also set up a YouTube account prior to camp that you can log in with during the live sessions

·        We highly recommend utilizing the chat feature during live sessions to interact with camp instructors and ask questions to learn more

·        To interact with the camp instructors and ask questions, you must be on at the live video times, but if you cannot make the live video time a recording of the session will be available the following day on the camp page


Camp Practice Classes:

·        To complete the camp practice classes just click join session next to those classes

·        Once you click join session, it will take you to a page with the practice class you need to judge

·        Just click the green play button under view, and you will be able to view the class videos

·        After watching the videos, enter your placing, and you will then be directed to a screen with the class official, example reasons and a video critique. These video critiques should be viewed as they will be an in-depth break down of that class and placing


Camp Livestock Judging Contest:

·        On Friday, July 3, at 8 am CST the camp livestock judging contest will open, and it will close on Friday, July 3, at 11:59 pm CST

·        To enter the contest, click join session next to the contest title and you will be redirected to the contest page

·        Click the circle next to the contest name and hit select, then hit start on the next page

·        Next, select the checkbox next to the class you want to judge and select your age division (you will only have to choose your age group once) then hit the start contest button

·        You will now be ready to view and place your first class. Once you have watched the class videos and entered your placing hit the mark your card button to submit your placing

·        If the class has questions, you will answer those after you click mark your card

·        Once you have submitted your placing, click continue judging to return to the class page and start your next class

·        You will only be able to place each class one time

·        You do not have to complete the contest all at one time and can revisit classes you have not placed until the contest closes

·        To log back into the contest again, just click join session next to the contest name on the camp page tab


Camp Judging Contest Results:

·        Camp judging contest results will be emailed to each camper by Saturday, July 11th


Have questions? Please reach out to us at or call or text Jacob McKillip at (765) 337-5792 or Hayden Brown at (432) 934-4323.